About Us

The Atheletes Need Our Help

The Two Hammers was founded by passionate US World Cup fans who want to help fund American ski racer success. The USST over the years has done well at managing the coaching, travel and logistics of the tour, however in recent years their focus on athletes first funding has waivered. All athletes not nominated to the A Team have to pay fees for the privelidge of being nominated to the B,C and D teams, with more fees required the lower down the level you are. If ski racing wasn't expensive enough for parents and athletes, it has become even tougher. Our athletes now have to manage their training and personal fund raising. Large corporate sponsors like Toyota, Coke, Visa, GE, Intel, Samsung etc. pay millions to sponsor the USST but the athletes still need our help.
This is bridge the Two Hammers is trying to gap as efficiently as possible with targeted funding for the uncovered costs such as individual team fees, and travel expenses.

2H Founder

Kyle Watson - President has been a passionate skier and fan of racing since he first watched Franz Klammer bomb down the course for the Olympic Downhill gold medal in 1976. Growing up near the beaches in Southern California hindered his desire to be a ski racer. Kyle currently serves as the Vice President of Justfares.com, a company he co-founded in 1994. More recently he combined his passions for skiing with travel and created the ADL Ski Club, where he takes small groups on exciting trips to watch World Cup races in Kitzbuhel, Wengen and other classic race destinations in Europe. He also fixed his long desire to race and competes regularly in the USSA Masters Series, as well as running an annual adult race camp with Olympic legends Phil And Steve Mahre every summer at Mt. Hood. The idea to create a non-profit was born naturally out of his experience passing the hat informally with the Mahre's, where they raised money for Bill Johnson and again in 2017 when they raised enough to pay for a very deserving Jr. Racers season team fees for the SSRA Ski Team. "It feels great to help on many levels, and lets face it nobody except the top 15 racers in the world are getting rich from this sport, the majority struggle and do it purely for the passion, which in turn feeds our love and enjoyment of the sport. It's the least we can do to give back and help them compete at the highest levels."

Making A Difference

Most athletes do not have 501c3 organizations setup to support them and don't have the time or resources to both train for success and raise funds simultaneously. Thats where we step in. The Two Hammers exists to help raise funds for deserving athletes and remove some of the burden they are facing.

We love watching our racers get their name on the big screen at races like Kitzbuhel, Schladming, Cortina etc. If they cant stay in the game, then they have no chance at reaching the podium. The 2 Hammers is one hammer of funding from us and the other hammer is the athlete performing at their best. It's time to drop the hammers!